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We visualize, advertise, document, narrate, entertain and inspire.
In other words: We shoot it!
We do extravagant, high-gloss and reduced work, but also standard work and we love challenges. Our philosophy? We are looking for something special and take a close look. We focus on your story and employ the best possible methods of visual storytelling by using and breaking all the rules of cinematography. We are cineastes, technology nerds, craftspeople and creative designers. We are nice guys with a talent for improvisation. Above all, we understand and love our work!

"To me, the camera is like a musical instrument. You use it to control the flow, shape, size and colors of images."

- Conrad Hall; Cinematographer ASC -

Our main task is to create images using light, composition, movement, space and color. We create moods and find the right look for every film. Aesthetic images and a feeling for the right image set us apart. Our references range from corporate films to web content, reports and documentaries to music video and fiction. One thing that they all have in common: images that evoke emotions!


We design and implement - technically and creatively - with our own camera, light and sound technology, as well as with stabilized systems.

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."

- Henry Ford; founder Ford Motor Company -

No film is made by one individual. Our experienced team from camera, light and sound, and postproduction areas has worked together for many years and realized projects from different areas - high quality,

precise, effective and professional. We cover all tech departments

including shooting and their preproduction: camerawork, sound technology, lighting design, crew booking, ENG Teams.

"Editing is up to fifty percent decisive whether or not a film is boring."

- Sergio Leone; Director  -

We gladly undertake the editing, color correction and the playout for different channels. We give every film the right look and final polish in color grading. We work with Adobe Premiere and the industry standard DaVinci Resolve Studio.

"Wait until you have wings to fly"

- Sorbian proverb -

We don't wait to grow wings. We give every film new perspectives with drone shots. Due to its small and compact technology, our drone is always on set and ready to go.

"You don't experience what you experience, but how you experience it."

- Wilhelm Raabe; German novelist-

Live Streams offer the opportunity to reach people all over the world and to share events and experiences - perfect for conferences, training courses, concerts, product presentations or lectures. We provide the right camera, lighting and sound technology for live streaming.

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